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Update Announcements/Notes: As of late, my time has been spent building my career- interning, studying, passing state exams for professional credentialing, and The Doozy –sending out resumes. Needless to say, I haven’t invested much effort in blogging. However throughout my own process of focusing more on ME, I always hear a little voice that beckons “You could have written over 100 posts by now. You should continue what you started. Love Antics was created for a reason”. Like any romantic relationship, any endeavor you undertake highlights the relationship you have with you-good or bad.

With that said, Love Antics has seen some ups and downs and some inconsistencies. After the first year of starting this blog the reception was moderate (people would comment once in a while, share stories, email questions etc., and I was consistent). The second year took a turn with the pursuits of my career being my main focus and a general sense of boredom with the tedious detail work that blogging takes-especially when the Love Antics audience is modestly small. I have to admit that I kind of lost my writing UMMPHHHH because the blog didn’t blow up and become an overnight major success (I know, I know, things take time). I share all this to be transparent to my audience or whomever was a former member or subscriber of this blog.

Call me crazy, but I know Love Antics had one main purpose- To help people  heal from painful relationships and life’s painful experiences (including me). It has been a while and “The Other Love Doctor” (yours truly) has been away , but I know relationship and life problems don’t magically go away. That is why I am back with a writing vengeance and it starts with this post “The Square Peg Round Hole Phenomenon: Trying to Change is Nearly Impossible When You Stay in an Unhealthy System.”

Side Note: Many thanks to those of you who reached out and asked “What happen to your posts?”, and those of you who came across Love Antics via google search and still commented and shared your stories with me.

Click Here for the latest article post: The Square Peg Round Hole Phenomenon: Change is Nearly Impossible When You Stay In an Unhealthy System Part 1

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  1. Reply Em Oct 14,2015 9:05 am

    Your stuff is gold! Write, write, write with your returned vengeance. Welcome back and looking forward to reading and learning.

    • Reply The "Other" Love Doctor Oct 21,2015 10:57 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to read the posts on the LA Blog.
      Glad the articles hold your interest.
      Thanks again for reading.


    • Reply The "Other" Love Doctor Nov 5,2015 5:13 pm


      Thank you for reading Love Antics and for your comment!

      With warm thanks,

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